27 May, 2009

My sister was married with both rejoice and tears...

Hello to all my friend's I am writing something on my blog after a long time. I was completely busy in the preparation of my sister's Marriage. The marriage was fixed for the date of 25th May. I with my relatives worked hard to make the event successful. We were complletely ready to welcome the guest's with Barati's. They were coming from "Samaspura" a village in Vaishali district, Bihar. The marriage party was badly affected by the rain. But both of us made better cooperation and the marriage was completed with rejoice on the face of Baratie's but tears in the eyes of my family and relatives. Now let's hope from god and give wishes to my Sister Neha and my JiJooo Rajesh for their happy married life.

12 May, 2009

I am black listing IBOWTECH solutions for career fraud...

I was called by a company Ibowtech solutions for the post of SEO at their branch office at Patna. They got my resume from Naukri.com. They send me an email to appear for interview at their office at Jagatnarayan Road, Patna. The salary given was told as 9,000/ month. As the salary was not so good and I was already driving my own IT company Koshi India IT Solutions (www.koshi.co.in). So I was not really interested more about this offer. But the office was very near from my Ignou study centre. So I was there to improve my confidence at the said time. There Mr. Santosh Sir, Got my interview asked few questions about Search Engine Optimization and was really very impressed with my work experiences and answerer's I had given. He told me to submit all the required document's and wait for the final Interview which was to be taken by their team at Banglore. As my resume was shortlisted for experienced candidate so I had nothing to give them but they were taking rs. 25000 from freshers as training fees.

I was again called by them for the interview at this time also I made good and they said me that I had been selected and will be informed after the coming elections. But guys and girls I think they had no openings there I didn't got any call from them. I was internally not going to work with these c grade company. So from here I am blacklisting this Company for fraud that they were making to fresher's by taking money for training fees.