12 November, 2008

I missed all my lab classes. . .

Was it very sad for me that i missed all my lab classes of 1st semester. I was also late by 1 month from the dates me Lab classes. Faculty told me there that I will have to through in next semester. But one of them asked me do you know some Computers? I replied without loosing a sec. Yes! Than one of them told to another to take my exam. Sir taken me to the exam hall where guys were answering the asked questions on the board. I solved all the question in less time taken by others with great confidence. Teachers were than surprised and asked me what I do. Than I told them that I am a web developer and have my own web design and development agency named as webx99.com they were proud on me as their student. I was than offered to full fil the lab attendance. Thanks to god and these teachers other wise I was going to loose my 6 months at Ignou.

26 September, 2008

Me late at IGNOU Study Center on my 1st counselling day

Dude I was totally afraid going for counselling at study center of IGNOU near to Nala Road at Kadam Kuan Patna beacause I was totally late by 2 days. But even I reached to destination any how. I was amazed by the 1st meet with counseller woh! he said welcome to ur study center for programme bca. Yes he said welcome even I told him that I am late here and loosed some classes too. There he told me my center roll no. 111 verifying my Icard. He remind me to collect books from there and attend next classes. And a funny talk when I was leaving center come to presence, Sir told "I shal tell you where to join coaching in next class" I replied "no thanks sir I dont think I will need it" sir was shoked and kept himself pointed to me untill I left the center.

Very Exciting every thing was.

02 September, 2008

Some Old Good pictures of me...

24 August, 2008

I am going to Patna, do you know why?

Hello I mooved myself from SAHARSA to PATNA on this 20th of august with my tools and cloths, the question is- Do u know why? The answer is for my further education to be a graduate person. All my wellwisher from SAHARSA and from my lovelly koshi don't be unhappy I am still the 'red' of Koshi Bihar. I am still working for koshi division and trying to do something more exiting. But as I am geting less support from other members, so I am enrolling some gud guys in our team from Patna. Keep a connection with me in next post I will make you meet my room partner here at Patna.

29 June, 2008

Know my friendly gadget that keeps me rocking...

Hello again, I have a mate with me that gives me his company all time. I use it I chat with it, I listen it and I catch the world with it. Are you wondring who's this It's my Phone that is not only phone it's a Smartphone by name. The world knows it as HP IPAQ 512 Voice messenger.

Know some features of this phone:

18 June, 2008

What is Newest and Coolest here?

These days I am busy on new project website MBINFOTECH.COM , I think it should be completed at the end of this month. I am inviting requests from all, who want to have there own website, blog, forum or related web application to contact me for the cheapest but the most compatiable and creative projects. I am starting a webdevelopment agency which will work in Koshi Division (Saharsa, Supaul & Madhepura). I will operate my all clients from my home office or from any where but give the best performance for web sollutions.

My Latest Works:

One more request to them who is interested in some social works, they can contact me for a job from home in developement of http://www.koshi.co.in/ they can write posts related to news, entertainment(shayari, zokes), educational matterials and more interesting thing to do. Contact me at vivek.shs@gmail.com local boys, students or others can call me also at 9931741522.

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I am doing the right jobs that suits my interests. My interests in computers (Software, Web development, Design) made me work for computer oriented jobs & so I am doing a job as software and network troubleshooter at M.B.Infotech for Redington India Ltd. And I am also having my own web devlopement agency at my town saharsa. For social development I am hosting a portal http://koshi.co.in/ and such projects for local news and information search.

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Koshi India IT Solutions
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Name: Vivek Kumar
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Prem Kumar Sharma
D.O.B: 10/11/1990
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Height: 5'2"
Blood Group: A+


  • 10th with 1st div. (76%) from BSEB, Patna.
  • 12th with 2nd div. from BSEB, Patna in 2008.
  • Currently perusing BCA at Patna.

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