21 July, 2010

1st project with some conflicts in profession time-line

Hi friends hope you all are good. After a long time I am writing something on my personal blog. This time at very 1st I would like to tell you all that I was busy doing lot's of New and Updating older website projects. But there was one special project on which i was busy a lot it was a project to develop a Software for a School at Saharsa named Shubhodaya Central School. I had to create a database system to View and keep records of students, teachers, make demand bills and lots more. Finaly I had finished this one project. I will tell you more about the all the features of this software which has been named as "ESAS" by our team which stand for "Expert School Administration System" perhaps in next blog post.
Except this I had done few web projects like TulsyanComputer.com which is a computer store at Saharsa district bihar. I am not very happy doing this project because of Clients attitude regarding payments. The client is miss guided by another local software engineer Mr. Satish of Star Soft. I respect this man but they want to do competition in our market even they have no good capabilities and experience in web field, what i think that they are good in software so they should be their. One Interesting Story about starsoft their official website www.Starsoft.co.in is already down and website is not accessible to users for more than 1 month, than think what kind of web-service they could provide. In all these type of mess client always looses the bigger benefits and spoil their time. Good Luck to Mr. Satish and hope Mr. Nikun Tulsyan our respected client can understand all this.

Ok leave this all you should visit this project:

12 April, 2010

I welcome Krishna Collection, Patna to our web community

Hello, I was here at patna for a long time and doing what nothing new but studying some php application development and reading some CSS3 guides. And suddenly I got a call from Mr. Srikant who introduced himself as prop. of Krishna Collection, and than only in 15 days we come today to the final release of this Art and gift gallery's website launch.

1st of all I would like to thank Mr. Srikant who offered this project to our team and shown his trust on us. Mr. Srikant is contact person of this store Krishna Collection which is situated at Fraser Road, Patna. When the project was approved our team set on work, our designers including these team member: Kashyap Watsalya, Dhruv Kumar created the website layout and selected one template which was best to fit the requirement. After some basic design works our development team worked on ER, Diagram submitted by our system analyst and shaped the popular Content Management System JOOMLA as our requirements. The last stage was to populate the website with Content data, photographs, forms, comment system and others which took about 3 days to complete. And thus the whole project is completed for the 1st release in only 7 days and now we have released the final ver of the website. Following is the list of all members who were active on this web project :

  • Vivek Kumar (System Analyst)
  • Kashyap Kumar Watsalya (Project Manager)
  • Amit Swarup Kr. Rai (Development Team)
  • Dhruv Kumar (Design Team)
  • Rakesh Chandra (Testing Team)
  • Shivesh Chandra (Programing Back-end) and others.
Ok than good day and happy web browsing, thank you for reading my blog you can leave messages to me by commenting or at my Twitter Page.

08 March, 2010

The new Unique Marketing company's website done by me

Hi friends and my fans I am again here on my blog to write something, I was very busy doing my great job that I love to do. Yes web development I had just finished website project for a big corporate company named Uniaxial Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and this company is a registered Service Company providing discount to their members on purchasing services they offer. The company is working with it's brand name "Unique 30 " .
This is a marketing company who makes business relations with stores and service providers in every city and brings discounts up to 50% on products and services purchased with Unique 30 membership card. This company is very aggressive and works on a good Idea. Idea to keep mass people out from the price hike and save money for them. As this is a new company and is aloso establishing their offices in different cities so they have huge requirements for new men on job. If you are wondering for a job right now you can visit their website: www.Unique30.com and find latest openings from career page.

As designer and developer of this website I had always tried to keep the website light weighted and clean. But we are always trying to make the website more effective and useful for both my client at Chapra or all customers of Unique 30 across India.

So this was the news regaurding my new project.
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